New exhibit on view at CWC

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MARGARETVILLE, N.Y., October 3, 2017– Ten paintings and drawings by Roxbury artists Esther de Jong and M. C. Guilmet, owners of DISEGNO21 Gallery, are on view through November 30 at the Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC) offices, 905 Main Street, Margaretville.

The public is welcome to visit weekdays from 8 to 4:30 (closed October 9).

The exhibition features an eclectic arrangement of landscapes, botanical drawings and figurative works that defy categorization. They were created using a variety of media — paper, panel, linen and canvas.

Born in the Netherlands, Esther de Jong began her career as a professional model in 1998, and has traveled the globe. Enchanted with the mystery of the natural world and various cities and their artworks, she discovered her passion for painting and poetry. In 2004, she relocated to New York City to attend the National Academy of Art and Design where she studied painting with Sam Adoquei.

“My work is born of a reference from nature, transcending an experience between the physical and the

imagined,” the artist explains. “My search is for the spirit of poetry, which can always be found in the forms beyond present appearance.”

  1. C. (Michael) Guilmet was raised in the richly historical states of northern New England. He’s lived a decade in the Deep South, and another decade in Beverly Hills. Fifteen years spent in extensive travel through the cities, towns and landscapes of America have chiseled his point of view and given form to his voice.

“My paintings aren’t about ‘realism’ or ‘imitation.’ I am not a naturalist painter,” says Guilmet. “From the initial concept until the final brushstroke, the goal is Art. There is no Art in Nature. The painting’s purpose is its own existence. Through its being it might show you a slice of the world through new eyes, make you think a thought you never thought before, or evoke an unexpected emotion.”