Certain programs outlined in the 1997 NYC Watershed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and in subsequent Filtration Avoidance Determinations (FADs) have been completed. They included:

Municipal Sand and Salt Storage. 39 buildings were constructed for towns and villages to store road de-icing materials to prevent ground or surface water contamination. Total cost of the facilities was $9,637,389, the final one being completed in 2003. One facility was constructed for Delaware Valley Hospital through a subsequent program to fund sand and salt storage buildings for institutions. That program was discontinued in 2015.

Stream Corridor Protection. This program funded projects to correct stream conditions posing flood danger to people or property. Thirteen projects were funded before the program ended in 2010. After serious flooding in 2011, the program was re-funded to provide grants for the removal of flood debris — trees, buildings, furniture and other ‘floatables’ — clogging stream channels and floodplains in the Watershed. A total of 87 projects were funded during 2012 and 2013.