Local Flood Analysis projects: Most mitigation projects — property protection measures, floodplain reclamation, public infrastructure protection and property buyout/relocation — must be identified through a Local Flood Analysis (LFA). These have been conducted in Watershed municipalities by consultants funded by the DEP’s Stream Management Program or consultants engaged through other flood response programs. Municipalities with completed LFAs may apply to the CWC for funds to implement projects recommended in those analyses.

Relocation Assistance: The Sustainable Communities Planning Program is intended to fund revisions to local zoning codes or maps or to upgrade comprehensive plans in order to identify areas within a municipality that can serve as a new location for residences and/or businesses to be moved after purchase under the voluntary NYC Flood Buyout Program. Grants up to $20,000 are available through this program, which is part of the Local Technical Assistance Program.

Fuel Tank Anchoring: Home and business owners in designated flood hazard areas within the WOH Watershed may apply to get their propane and fuel oil tanks anchored to prevent the health and environmental effects of spills during flood events. Oil tanks of up to 330 gallons and propane tanks of up to 420 pounds are eligible for this protective treatment if they are within 500-year flood elevations anywhere in the five-county Catskill-Delaware Watershed. Larger commercial propane tanks are also eligible for this service but require engineered designs and individual funding approvals from the CWC Board of Directors. The CWC will cover the entire cost of anchoring tanks within basements or outdoors.

Claryville LFA meeting

For details on these initiatives, contact the CWC’s FHMI Program Manager, 845-586-1400.

For more information on flood hazard mitigation programs and related stream projects, visit www.catskillstreams.org.


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Margaretville, August 28, 2011