NYC Watershed regulations require that some property owners who disturb or pave natural drainage areas implement Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SPPPs). To help offset costs associated with these SPPPs, the CWC reimburses applicants for eligible design and construction costs. Applications are accepted at any time.

The program covers eligible costs exceeding what a Watershed property owner would be required to pay to meet State and Federal stormwater standards. The CWC covers 50% of eligible costs for small businesses (100 or fewer employees); application must be made to NYC DEP for the remaining 50%. CWC covers 100% of eligible costs incurred by large businesses, municipalities and institutions.

NYC DEP has a separate program to fund 100% of SPPP costs incurred by individual homeowners, and by low-income housing purveyors. If your project is eligible, you must apply directly to NYC DEP for reimbursement.

Delaware Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Delhi, Jay Walden

Help is available from CWC’s stormwater program manager who can guide applicants through this process.

Regulations concerning Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SPPPs) and Impervious Surfaces can be found in Section 18-39, Rules and Regulations for the Protection from Contamination, Degradation and Pollution of the New York City Water Supply and Its Sources