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Institutional Sand & Salt Program

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This program provides funding to build improve storage facilities for road de-icing materials at hospitals, schools and other institutions in the New York City Watershed West of the Hudson River. Storing salt in secure buildings eliminates the potential for leaching into groundwater or running into nearby streams. Materials that are kept dry in such buildings also spread more evenly reducing the amounts used on roadways.

CWC reimburses institutions for the design, construction, upgrading, or replacing of storage facilities at schools, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, churches and children’s camps licensed by New York State. Institutions that store 1,000 pounds or more of winter maintenance material within the Watershed are eligible to apply for funds. No match is required and there is a funding cap of $50,000 per project.

A previous program, the Sand and Salt Storage Facilities Program, upgraded or replaced buildings used by municipalities for storing road de-icing materials. A total of 39 facilities were constructed for towns, villages and counties in the WOH Watershed at a total cost of $9,637,389.

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