Foxfire Mountain Inn, Mt. Tremper

Low-interest loans are available to help existing or proposed businesses start, relocate, expand, consolidate or improve operations within the Watershed region. Any for-profit business or non-profit organization planning a project which is deemed a Qualified Economic Development Project (one which encourages the twin goals of Watershed protection and job creation/retention) is eligible to apply. Eligible expenses include land or building purchase, land improvements, facility renovation, purchase and installation of equipment or furnishings, lease hold improvements, pollution prevention or energy conservation improvements, inventory acquisition or other capital needs.

Non-eligible costs include construction financing, market research, business plan development, housing construction or repair, or land improvements not related to business use.

For loan program details, including interest rates, fees and procedural information; and for application forms and guidance, call the Economic Development office at the CWC. Pre-application conferences are encouraged and are available upon request.

REDI Loans

(Regional Economic Development Initiative)
($50,000-$1.5 million)

Applicants must show a minimum equity investment of 10% of the total project cost.  A 20% equity contribution is required if CWC is in second position on a mortgage and for loans over $750,000.


(up to $50,000)

An equity contribution of at least 25% of project cost is required, but funding from other sources is not necessary. Applicants may seek 75% of the needed funds from CWC.

Commercial Septic and WOH Mandate Loans

Loans are available to owners of commercial or non-residential septic systems who have received a Notice of Failure or Violation from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Before seeking a Commercial Septic Loan, applicants should first determine if they are eligible for the CWC’s Small Business Septic Rehabilitation and Replacement Program, which can provide up to 75% reimbursement of eligible costs. Loans are also available to fund project elements required solely due to location in the WOH Catskill-Delaware Watershed.

Union Grove Distillery, Arkville