Catskill Watershed Corporation
Protecting water quality and preserving communities in the Catskill-Delaware New York City Watershed.

Programs of the CWC

The 1997 New York City Watershed Memorandum of Agreement required the development of 14 city-funded environmental protection and economic development programs in the Watershed West of the Hudson River as part of a pact that allowed the City to avoid filtering its Catskill-Delaware Water Supply. In November 2002, a renewed five-year Filtration Avoidance Determination (FAD) was granted to the City by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), permitting a continued exemption from building a filtration plant for the Cat-Del Supply. The 2002 FAD was predicated on a long-term Watershed Protection Plan submitted by the City to the EPA outlining several water quality programs to be developed, continued or expanded by the CWC. In 2007, a new 10 year FAD was based on an updated Protection Plan.

Current programs for which the CWC is responsible:

Catskill Fund for the Future (Economic Development). Provides loans and grants to businesses and organizations.

Septic Repair and Maintenance. Funds residential septic system repairs, replacements and maintenance (pump-outs).

Stormwater Planning and Control. Funds planning, assessment, design and implementation of stormwater and erosion controls for existing conditions, as well as stormwater requirements for new construction.

Education. Provides grants to schools and organizations in the WHO Watershed and in NYC.

Community Wastewater Management. Design and builds community-specific wastewater solutions for 15 hamlets named in the MOA.

Institutional Sand and Salt Storage. Funds the design, construction, upgrading, or replacment of storage facilities at schools, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, churches and children’s camps licensed by New York State within the NYC WOH Watershed.

Several programs have been implemented and completed. See Other programs, committees and advisory groups for more information.

CWC's Leo LaBuda, right, and Bob Carpenter of Emmons Pump with plans for a South Gilboa peat filtration septic system
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