The CWC, in partnership with the NYC DEP, helps coordinate a program that attracts visitors and local outdoor enthusiasts to four NYC reservoirs: Cannonsville, Pepacton, Schoharie and Neversink. The reservoirs have always been destinations for anglers in row boats, but now other non-mechanized craft, including kayaks, canoes, sailboats and sculls, are allowed, and encouraged, to ply their waters.

Boaters must have their personal vessels steam cleaned to prevent the introduction of aquatic invasives into the reservoirs. DEP-approved boat cleaning sites are identified below, along with vendors where you can rent pre-cleaned boats. Boat tags, allowing temporary (up to three days) and seasonal use of a specific reservoir, are required, and are issued at steam cleaning sites.

Reservoir boaters must also obtain Recreational Access Permits from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Permits can be obtained quickly and easily at most steam cleaning sites, boat rental vendors or online. Go to Recreation on DEP’s website,

Much of New York City’s watershed land is also open for fishing, hiking, and other types of outdoor recreation. This interactive map can help outdoor enthusiasts find City-owned properties and understand the types of recreation that are permitted in each area.

See you on the water!

Miller Hollow launch site, Pepacton, Kristen Arts, NYC DEP

Neversink boat wash