A typical septic system includes a tank that should be pumped and inspected every three to five years by a licensed professional to prevent system failures that result in costly repairs and pose a threat to the environment. The CWC’s Septic Maintenance Program is intended to extend the life of septic systems serving residences in the West-of-Hudson Watershed by providing the incentive of 50% reimbursement of pump-out costs.

Who is eligible for assistance? Any owner of a one- or two-family household in the WOH Watershed who had a new or replacement septic system installed after November 2, 1995 and at least three years ago; OR a property previously checked OK through the CWC Septic Program.

How does the program work? The homeowner contracts with a licensed septage hauler to have the septic tank pumped out. The contractor completes an inspection checklist which the homeowner submits to the CWC along with the contractor’s invoice, proof of payment (receipt or canceled check) and a CWC reimbursement form. The CWC then provides 50% reimbursement of the eligible costs. Note: CWC does not pay sales tax, nor do we encourage or pay for enzyme treatments or system additives.