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Septic Programs

Under New York State Health Department regulations, homeowners are responsible for maintaining septic systems that correctly treat and dispose of sewage (wastewater from kitchens, bathrooms and other sources of indoor plumbing). In most areas, homeowners with collapsed septic tanks or clogged leach fields must pay for the installation of new on-site wastewater treatment systems, as well as for periodic pump-outs to maintain the efficiency of these systems.

In the New York City Watershed West of the Hudson River, many homeowners are eligible for funding assistance to meet this public health and water quality requirement.

The CWCs Septic Rehabilitation and Replacement Program reimburses eligible homeowners for the cost of repairing or replacing septic systems for one- or two-family homes, or residence/business combinations.

The Septic Maintenance Program pays half the cost of pumping and inspecting systems installed after November 1997.

TheBusiness Septic Repair Program helps owners of small businesses pay for septic system repairs.

Regulations concerning Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems can be found in Section 18-38 Rules and Regulations for the Protection from Contamination, Degradation and Pollution of the New York City Water Supply and Its Sources begins on page 54.

Septic workshop at the CWC office
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