This program helps pay for the repair or replacement of failed septic systems serving small businesses (those employing 100 or fewer people) in the West-of-Hudson NYC Watershed. The CWC will reimburse such business owners 75% of the cost of septic repairs.

Who is eligible for assistance? To be eligible, an individual or corporation must own a small, existing or pre-existing business whose failing system was built before Nov. 2, 1995 and is located 700 feet or less from a watercourse or within the 60-day travel time priority zone.

Ineligible enterprises include apartment buildings, and those served or potentially served by NYC- or municipally-owned sewer projects.

How does the program work? Small business owners who believe their septic system is failing should contact the CWC for an inspection. If repairs are deemed necessary, the owner shall secure an engineer to design them and the CWC shall review the design and indicate what can be funded. The owner must obtain design approval from NYC DEP and, if required, from NYS Department of Health (DOH) before obtaining a construction bid which must then be approved by the CWC. The owner is also responsible for obtaining any necessary permits from local municipalities and the County or State DOH, whichever is applicable, before proceeding with construction. After construction is complete and has been approved by DEP (and, if required, by DOH), the owner may submit a reimbursement application to CWC with a copy of the DEP Construction Approval form.

In the event that potential reimbursement exceeds $25,000, the Board of Directors shall approve the scope of work and the cost of the system before construction may begin.