In addition to its water quality protection efforts, business loans and education grants, the CWC has addressed changing needs and opportunities with a variety of special initiatives.

The CWC regularly offers training and conferences for municipal and community leaders. Such classes  and meetings provide a chance for elected officials, members of planning and zoning boards, code enforcement officers, municipal attorneys, economic and community development promoters and others to learn, share information and strengthen connections.

Cannonsville Reservoir kiosk

To encourage stewardship of our streams and rivers, the CWC provides cleanup materials and tokens of appreciation to groups and individuals who volunteer to clean litter and debris from our waterways. Call 845-586-1400 to obtain trash bags, gloves and thank-you items.

In an effort to recognize sacrifices made by Watershed communities on behalf of New York City water, the CWC spearheaded a project in 2002 to erect outdoor exhibits (kiosks) at the City’s six West-of-Hudson reservoirs. Road signs near the sites of 25 communities that were destroyed or relocated were erected in 2004 on roads circling the Ashokan, Schoharie, Pepacton, Neversink, Rondout and Cannonsville Reservoirs. The project pays tribute to the 5,500 people who were dislocated as the reservoirs were built between 1907 and 1965. The kiosks, produced in collaboration with local residents, historical groups and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, also explains how the NYC water supply system, an engineering and technical marvel, was developed and what is being done to protect it.