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Revised February 3, 2015
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Revised April 5, 2016
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A significant source of water quality impairment is stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces such as paved streets, parking lots and building rooftops during rainfall and snowmelt periods. This runoff carries pollutants such as oil, antifreeze, pesticides, fertilizer, heavy metals and pathogens that can contaminate streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

The CWC administers the following New York City-funded programs to help municipalities, businesses and property owners address and correct stormwater runoff problems which may contribute to degraded water quality, and to plan ways to avoid them in the future.

Regulations concerning Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SPPPs) and Impervious Surfaces can be found inSection 18-39, Rules and Regulations for the Protection from Contamination, Degradation and Pollution of the New York City Water Supply and Its Sources starts on page 59. 


NYC Watershed Regulations require that some property owners who disturb or pave natural drainage areas implement stormwater pollution prevention plans (SPPPs). To help offset costs associated with SPPPs required by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, the CWC reimburses applicants for eligible design and construction costs. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis throughout the year. Refer to Program Rules for further details.

The program covers eligible costs exceeding what a Watershed property owner would be required to pay to meet state and federal stormwater standards. The CWC covers 50 percent of eligible costs for small businesses (fewer than 100 employees); application must be made to NYC DEP for the remaining 50 percent. CWC covers 100 percent of eligible costs incurred by large businesses, municipalities and institutions.

NYC DEP has a separate program to fund 100 percent of SPPP costs incurred by individual homeowners, and by low-income housing purveyors. If your project is eligible, you must apply directly to NYC DEP.


This is a competitive grant program to provide funds to correct or reduce water quality problems associated with erosion or substandard stormwater management conditions existing on or before January 21, 1997.

Municipalities, organizations, businesses and individual property owners may apply for funding to design, construct, implement and maintain stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) to address runoff in concentrated areas of impervious surfaces in the WOH Watershed.

CWC and the NYC DEP jointly review and prioritize projects. Proposals are ranked on their relative water quality benefit. Preference is given to projects associated with Community Wastewater Management Program projects in certain Watershed communities, and to those seeking to implement or address findings of Community Stormwater Infrastructure Planning and Assessment projects funded by the CWC.

Applications are available by annual round July 1st, and funding recommendations are approved by the CWC Board of Directors. Refer to program rules for further details.


The intent of this competitive grant program is to encourage counties, towns and villages in the WOH Watershed to conduct detailed, comprehensive assessments of existing public stormwater infrastructure with the goal of evaluating their systems and identifying and prioritizing potential areas for BMP installations.

CWC funds can be used to help map existing infrastructure and compile a Geographic Information System database identifying each individual structure with an associated description, operational status and repair needs.

The CWC and NYC DEP jointly review and prioritize projects. Projects which propose beneficial project outcomes in three categories - public value, water quality protection value, and local commitment -- will be ranked most highly and recommended for funding.

Applications are accepted continuously throughout the year.

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