Septic Repair and Replacement

Repairing, replacing and maintaining septic systems to protect water quality

Septic Repair and Replacement

The CWC helps homeowners in the NYC Watershed West of the Hudson River abide by New York State and New York City Watershed regulations that require homeowners to maintain onsite septic systems to correctly treat and dispose of sewage. Abiding by these regulations can be costly and time consuming to the owner. CWC administers programs to assist with these requirements for residential properties, small businesses, non-profits, government entities, and system maintenance programs to help offset the costs of agency regulations

Scroll below to learn more about each program, whether or not you are eligible, and how you can apply! Questions about program eligibility, reimbursable expenses and other issues may be directed to the CWC Technical Staff at 845-586-1400. Please understand that CWC staff members cannot recommend engineering firms or contractors.

Residential Rehabilitation and Replacement Program

The CWC’s RRR Program is a voluntary program for residential owners located anywhere in the West-of-Hudson (WOH) NYC Watershed whose system serve one or two family residences, or home-business combinations, and treat less than 1,000 gallons per day.

Reimbursement eligibility for primary (full-time) residents is 100% and for non-primary residences is 60%. Eligible costs include designing, repairing, or replacing failed septic systems that are at least 20 years old.

Please contact the CWC to schedule a site visit to determine if your system needs professional analysis and to help navigate the process. If the system is deemed eligible, you can then apply and be signed in to the voluntary program. From there, it is the owners responsibility to engage a contractor to locate, unearth and pump out the tank or cesspool for an additional inspection by the CWC. This cost is eligible for reimbursement regardless if a problem is found or not. If a problem is found, it is the owners responsibility to engage an engineer to design the repairs and a contractor to perform the work.

Please obtain a quote for the design and construction and submit it to CWC for written approval before any work is performed. If a quote exceeds $25,000, the CWC Board of Directors must approve the cost and scope of work prior to construction commencing. Please note sales tax is not an eligible cost. To avoid your out-of-pocket payment, the CWC can reimburse approved expenses with a two-party check which the homeowner can then sign over to the engineer or contractor.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make certain that any needed local permits are obtained, and that the NYC DEP has approved the design and is notified at least 48 hours before construction commences.

This program does NOT pay for septic systems serving newly constructed homes, or for systems newer than 20 years of age.

Installation of a residential septic system

Expanded Septic Repair

The CWC’s ESR Program is a voluntary program that aids in the repair or replacement of failing or likely to fail septic systems. It is designed for small businesses, non-for-profits, and government entities in the West-of-Hudson Watershed. Funding assistance is also available for alteration/ modifications of septic systems required by change of use.The level of reimbursement is determined by the number of employees.

Small business owners who believe their septic system is failing should contact the CWC for an inspection. If repairs are deemed necessary, the owner shall secure an engineer to design them and the CWC shall review the design and indicate what can be funded. The owner must obtain design approval from NYC DEP and, if required, from NYS Department of Health (DOH) before obtaining a construction bid which must then be approved by the CWC. The owner is also responsible for obtaining any necessary permits from local municipalities and the County or State DOH, whichever is applicable, before proceeding with construction. After construction is complete and has been approved by DEP (and, if required, by DOH), the owner may submit a reimbursement application to CWC with a copy of the DEP Construction Approval form.

In the event that potential reimbursement exceeds $25,000, the Board of Directors shall approve the scope of work and the cost of the system before construction may begin. Enterprises served or potentially served by community wastewater system are not eligible for this program.

Operating a large excavator for the installation of a septic system

Septic Maintenance

The CWC’s SM Program is a voluntary program that is intended to extend the life of septic systems serving residences in the West-of-Hudson Watershed by providing the incentive of 50% reimbursement of pump-out costs.

A typical septic system includes a tank that should be pumped and inspected every three to five years by a licensed professional to prevent system failures that result in costly repairs and pose a threat to the environment.

Any owner of a one- or two-family household, small businesses, non-for-profits, and government entities in the WOH Watershed who had a new or replacement septic system installed in the past 20 years and at least three years ago; OR a property previously checked OK through the CWC Septic Program are eligible to apply.

The owner contracts with a licensed septage hauler to have the septic tank pumped out. The contractor completes an inspection checklist which the homeowner submits to the CWC along with the contractor’s invoice, proof of payment (receipt or canceled check) and a CWC reimbursement form. The CWC then provides 50% reimbursement of the eligible costs.

Note: CWC does not pay sales tax, nor do we encourage or pay for enzyme treatments or system additives.

Maintaining the health of a Septic system by regular pumpouts

Septic Education

CWC hosts seminars for contractors, engineers, and regulators in our large capacity conference room in Arkville. These events can range from general septic system training, new product demonstrations or general meetings on watershed regulations.

Please follow us on social media and check our calendar page to stay up to date on upcoming septic events!

Septic Education seminars held regularly at CWC headquarters