Stormwater Management

Helping property owners, businesses, and municipalities offset stormwater costs required by the NYC DEP Watershed Regulations.

photo: Sam Adams

Stormwater Management

The CWC helps reimburse eligible entities in the NYC Watershed West of the Hudson River who abide by New York City Watershed Regulations for stormwater requirements and who are required to implement Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans for their projects.

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Stormwater Programs

The CWC’s Future Stormwater and MOA-145 Program are voluntary programs intended to help offset the costs of a required NYC DEP Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) or an Individual Residential Stormwater Plan (IRSP) for new stormwater projects throughout the watershed.

NYC Watershed regulations require that some property owners who disturb or add impervious surfaces to natural drainage areas implement SWPPP’s or IRSP’s. These projects can be residential, multi-family, low income housing, small businesses, commercial, or municipal in nature.

Projects required solely by NYC DEP Watershed Regulations are eligible for 100% reimbursement of the design, construction and maintenance of a SWPPP or IRSP. Projects that are required to have a SWPPP for State and Federal regulations are eligible for 50% of the design, constriction, and maintenance of the SWPPP.

Applications are accepted at any time.

A series of stone line swales, plunge pools, and rain gardens treating and conveying runoff to a stormwater pond

Retrofit Program

The CWC’s Retrofit Program is intended to reimburse stormwater best management practices (BMP’s) that address existing runoff in concentrated areas of impervious surfaces to the extent that such BMP’s are necessary to correct or reduce existing erosion and/or pollutant loading and enhance water quality issues.

CWC jointly with DEP approve eligible projects proposed for areas that receive runoff from concentrations of impervious surfaces for the installation of BMP’s, identify sites where BMP’s can be constructed to catch and treat such runoff, and allocate funds to design, permit, construct and maintain each BMP.

Applications are accepted at any time.

Bioretention area outletting to stormwater retention ponds and rain gardens

Planning and Assessment

This competitive grant program offers funds to counties, towns and villages in the WOH Watershed to conduct comprehensive assessments of existing public stormwater infrastructure with the goal of identifying and prioritizing areas where Best Management Practices could be beneficial. Applications through the Stormwater Retrofit Program are accepted throughout the year.

CWC funds can be used to compile a database to locate individual stormwater structures and describe their conditions and repair needs. The CWC and NYC DEP jointly review and prioritize these projects. Those which describe beneficial outcomes in three categories — public value, water quality protection and local commitment, will be recommended for funding

Applications accepted through the Stormwater Retrofit Program.

Concrete headwall with rip rap boulders outletting in a stormwater pond